Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Halloween Haiku Fo' You!

In honor of Halloween, take a gander through these haikus crafted by the original minds of  members of your local Provo YSA 5th Ward.

Dad took all my treats
And ate all the real good ones
Welcome to my life
(by Greg Bayles)

Candy corn and gum
Laffy Taffy in my teeth
Happy Halloween
(by Greg Bayles)

Murder in the home
The body lies on the ground
The spider sleeps good 
(by Joey Stuart)

Spooky ghost coming
To spook you and you and you

Boo boo boo boo boo
(by Lani Poppleton)

Spooky, creeping ghost
I'm pretending to be one
(by Sarah Holden...who obviously has been living with Lani Poppleton way too long)

Hot apple cider
Warms my soul with happiness
Superb, mmm mmm good
(by Cassie Workman)

Walking with a ghost
Creepers and trick-or-treaters
Walking with a ghost
(by Ben Ostler)

Howling at the moon
Witches laughing at a curse
And so it begins
(by Joshua Twitchell)

An orange pumpkin
Smash-ed to bits on the door
Dang you, teenagers!
(by Joe Bryson)

Poisons and potions
Wicked witches cackling
This is Halloween
(by Katie Pitts)

Scary ghouls and ghosts
Fly down all the mansion's halls
Join them if you dare
(by Brittany Squires)